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My Story

My name is Ramona, I’m born in Roman, in Romania, and I’m a travel addict.

I’ve traveled to 30+ countries on 4 continents and I lived in Romania, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, India.  For the time being, I’m living in Morocco in Agadir, a city on the Atlantic coast, together with my husband and our son (toddler!).

All my life I believed that life is about acting instead of reacting, about one’s power to change things that are not working as one want them to work and one’s power to start anew as many times is needed to be at ease with who is and what is doing.

However, since I moved to Morocco many things changed and I somehow allowed myself to be pulled away into the sea and had this permanent feeling of a castaway, of something that isn’t right enough.

In plus, even I love my son more than anything in this world, after giving birth the earth shook underneath my feet and I almost lost the control of my emotions. I felt like my freedom is lost forever and I won’t ever be able to travel and do things I loved to do.

I had to learn how to reconsider the priorities and to adapt to my new self. A self that is a bit more mature and more responsible.

I’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

I’ve been in dozens of airplanes.

I’ve walked hundreds of km.

I’ve hiked hundreds of meters.

I’ve slept in dozens of beds.

I’ve met and ate together with hundreds of people.

But, the most challenging trip I had to do was the trip to my soul.

I had to leave away the rush of catching a plane to instead take the time to see who I really am, what I love doing besides traveling and being in the move, and what is my path.

I’m doing my best to make this inward journey as smooth as possible but it was so bumpy for such a long time.

The changes and challenges I faced were a catalyst for me to start an inner work to transform myself in the person I want to be. Note: work in progress!

What’s this blog about?

As you figured it out already, His mom’s odysseys is about traveling. Inward and outward traveling.

You will find:

– Tips and stories of destinations of the world,

– Tips on traveling with a toddler and how to make this more of a fun than more of a … breakdown (no, this word isn’t too harsh, it’s a reality. I experienced it a few times with my son….aahhh),

– Vegan and vegetarian recipes. I enjoy eating and trying out new tastes and flavors and since I’m a vegetarian I will share delicious recipes I tried and loved,

Stories about people I’ve come across, situations, and lessons learned that hopefully will inspire you to live a life with intention and motivate you to go out of your comfort zone.

Who are you…the reader of this blog?

You are a daydreamer that knows it is possible to do anything you want in life. You want to explore the world to discover yourself better, to challenge yourself, and to grow. You know that your inner world and the way you speak to yourself matters for the life you lead. You are a nature lover. Or maybe, you are a mom that loves to travel and needs a bit of encouragement to take the trip you dreamed of together with your kids. If you are a dad, don’t worry, you are not excluded! Whoever you are and for whatever the reason, thank you for coming aboard!

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