10 insights I gained from zigzag-ing the world

“We can’t get there by hoping for it or wishing for it, but by working for it!”

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To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life. – Walter Mitty

The doves – my inspiration to travel

Since I remember myself I remember seeing doves flying above our house.
My family grows doves, it’s a tradition from my grandfather that my father continued. The doves’ house is built on two poles, maybe 2 meters from the ground and isn’t covered so the doves have total freedom to fly whenever they want. (The house is built on the poles so the cats, dogs, or any other animals can’t reach the doves and harm them).
I was adolescent lying on the grass in our garden watching the doves flying in circles above the garden. White, blue, brown doves. A majestic dance that was done by around 50 doves.

They inspired me and planted in my heart the desire to travel. When I was watching them I was thinking how great it would to have wings to be able to travel whenever and wherever I want. At that time I believed you have to be filthy reach in order to travel. Later on, I gave myself the chance to change this own crafted pattern from my mind.

What did I learn from zigzag – ing through the world?

 Love is free. People from all over the world feel the emotions in the same way.

We love, hate, cry, smile, get disgusted, feel the joy in the same way.
The culture, the religion, the ethnicity, the sexual orientation, the location, the house you live in, the places you visit, the people you surround yourself with, don’t matter much in the way we live our emotions.

You will still smile seeing a kid dancing, hug a person you love, cry when you lose someone you care for, express emotions when you dance, scream when terrified. The blood that flows through our veins is red for everyone, no matter the color of the skin and the features of the face.

It costs nothing to express or to experience. The only price you might have to pay is courage.

The most amazing experiences I had were the ones I didn’t think much to and I went for it.

I wanted so much to extend my list of the countries I’m visiting that whenever I had the chance and I was in a country for longer periods of time I thought of solutions to visit the neighboring country. I went on a cruise ship from Sweden to Finland for few days with money in my pocket for the return, very few money for accommodation and a 400 g chocolate in my bag to feed my body for 2 days. I hitchhiked 500 km in Sweden (from Est to West) to visit my mates. I took a train from Denmark to Germany to visit my good friend.

I didn’t think of the risks because I always believed that not allowing yourself an experience due to the fear of what could go wrong is just an excuse for not moving towards your dream.

 Nothing, absolutely nothing is just a simple coincidence. People attract other people, things, situations, and happenings through the power of the mind.

Many times when I was fearing something it could happen, that something really happened and thought me that my mind is able to craft all kinds of solutions to take me out of an unpleasant or hard experience. At times, in life, we have to learn something and people that are crossing our path are there to teach us that something. Some of them are doing it with love and care and some others through pain and sufferance.

 An imperfect life that I’m fully enjoying and living it’s better than the perfect life I will never live!

So many times I got “slapped” directly in the face by life’s experiences and every time I learned something new and something more about me and people around me. Whenever I caught myself longing to a perfect life (if it would be like that, if only this will happen I will ….) I felt frustration, depression, and anxiety.

There is no perfect life, there is just life and life it’s perfect as it is!

 To travel the world you don’t need to be filthy reach, it’s enough to crazily want it, find solutions and work towards it.

When finally I started traveling with my physical body, not only with my mind, I realized that it’s actually easier to do it than I thought. I had to work hard to make it happen, to go out of my comfort zone, to allow myself to be vulnerable and open to the idea that anything could happen and that things that might come across my path I can’t always control. But I can always control how I react to them and how I behave in changing the outcome towards my advantage.

 Nature is inspiring but people are more important than the landscape of a place that you visit.

The energy and the feelings you receive from people when you visit a new country, a new city are the things that remain in the heart and the memory. Indeed, museums, mountains, rivers, forests, buildings, can inspire us but if you have unpleasant experiences with the local people then all you see, you see it through a different lens. Sometimes, it’s enough to step out of the plane or of the bus to have few interactions with people and know already if you love or dislike a place.

 It’s easy to spot reasons to be mad when you are always thinking to be mad.

Since I moved to Morocco I passed through some very grey moments because I was always looking for things that made me sad, things I dislike in the locals’ behavior, things that don’t have any common sense from my point of view. Until one day, when I decided to give more importance to the things I like and love about this country. On that day something switched inside my heart, I became more relaxed and happier to be here.

You grow when you allow yourself to experience the ridicule.

When you are traveling you are granted the freedom to be yourself. You don’t have to restrict to a certain behavior and be in a specific way because of what-my-friends-my-family-and-people-that-know-me-will-say. When you travel, you are foreign (=of, from, in, or characteristic of a country or language other than one’s own; strange and unfamiliar) and people are more open, tolerant with you and to your genuine way of being. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can just do whatever crosses your mind with no regards or respect for others.

The situations that might have seemed ridicule in your own country aren’t so ridicule anymore, they are rather experiences that make you laugh, make you grow, and become an opportunity to know yourself better.

 The healing is happening from inside-out.

You can travel the world, you can have all kinds of experiences, you can try all kinds of extreme sports but if you feel empty inside, no outside experience can fill that void. You have to acknowledge your wounds and heal them by yourself.

I believe our mind is like a workshop where many little creatures are working on something, adjusting, and fixing things to make this impressive machinery work at its best. Unfortunately, these little creatures are sometimes demotivated or lazy to do their job properly. You have to speak with them, to ask them what’s wrong, to ask them about their dreams, hopes, and fears. You simply have to listen!

 Traveling turns you into a storyteller.

With no further explanations or parenthesis… .

What are the things you have learned from traveling?